Third-Party Services and Solutions


ErGO! is an Indoor Race Management Database. It is a tool that helps you:

  • Schedule athletes into their events (including from web-based registration lists).
  • Automatically assign seats to those athletes.
  • Import Venue Race result files.
  • Quickly generate formatted results reports.

ErGO! has many additional features including an "Athlete Data Integrity" function that verifies athletes are entered into their correct events. You can quickly seat all athletes using any of the different automatic seating routines.

Using ErGO! you can easily create many reports, including Heat Sheets, Coaches Reports and Potential Qualifiers reports.

ErGO! is a Microsoft Access database developed for use at the Southern Sprints satellite regatta. It is now in use at a number of indoor races around the world.

ErGO! is available from Eileen Corelli at


iCrew is an online crew management system designed and built by rowers, for rowers. In addition to the core functionality of help crew teams manage their daily operations, iCrew also includes a suite of features to help manage an indoor racing event, including:

  • Importing event and participant data from RegattaCentral.
  • Support for combining events for race purposes (results kept separate by event).
  • Seeding based on projected results entered by the participant in RegattaCentral.
  • Automatic splitting of entries into heats based on your erg count.
  • Race day management features including Up Next page that can be displayed in the warm-up area.
  • Public web page for presenting event heat sheets & start times.
  • Public web page for presenting results immediately at the conclusion of a race.
  • Complete integration with Concept2 Venue Race Application:
    • Creates race files.
    • Imports primary race results and split data results.
    • Supports including multiple events within a race.
    • Supports either distance or timed events.
    • Creates results file for Concept2 logbook ranking.

Visit iCrew or email for more information.

Regatta Central

RegattaCentral provides registration and management solutions for the rowing community. Learn more at

Regatta Master

Regatta Master is a complete regatta management system, handling all aspects of outdoor and venue racing, including:

  • Importing registrations from RegattaCentral.
  • Automatic or manual seeding, scheduling, and progression.
  • Optionally seeds based on submitted erg scores.
  • Full integration with Concept2 Venue Race Application:
    • Creates race files and imports results, including splits.
    • Supports multiple classes within an event.
    • Supports team races.
    • Supports distance over time events.
    • Includes qualifying time comparison.
    • Provides report for Concept2 ranking.
  • Publishes fast, comprehensive results to Regatta Master Online and RegattaCentral mobile app.
  • Provides links to Concept2's Replay web application. For an example of these features see

Visit or email for more information.