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Concept2 Compatible Apps: Try asensei

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Jun 05, 2020

There are many apps and ways that technology can add variety to your routine. In addition to our free app, ErgData, there are a number of apps that connect with the Performance Monitor 5 (PM5) via Bluetooth and ANT+. If you have a PM3 or PM4, there still are a few options to consider which may require a cable or other additional device. (The PM2 and PM3 do not have wireless capabilities. The PM4 has wireless heart rate options.) The PM5 can also be retrofitted to all models (please check our website for availability).

While these apps are not developed, serviced or supported by Concept2, we’re excited to share these details because we know that the features and functions interest athletes of all abilities. We will continue to share our favorites via social media, so follow us on Facebook and Instagram for updates.

If you’re feeling “flat” on your Concept2 RowErg or need to give your metres a boost, try adding in a coach with the asensei app. “asensei” is an iOS App that connects with the Performance Monitor 5 (PM5) via Bluetooth. With the app, you can join coached video workouts with others around the world. Choose from a growing list of world-class coaches including two-time Gold Medalist and World Champion Eric Murray, YouTube rowing instructor Shane Farmer of Dark Horse Rowing, and San Francisco Studio Rowing coach Johan Quie.

With asensei, members follow structured training programs with the goal that they will “master the machine” and improve their personal records (PRs), all while experiencing the personal attention and group style of a boutique fitness class. So what makes asensei different? asensei is like having a personal coach. Are you having trouble maintaining your stroke rate? Maximizing the power of your stroke? Straying from your target split? The app will let you know. When you’ve finished your workout, asensei will share coaching tips and push your results to the Concept2 Online Logbook.

“After the Rio Olympics, I wanted to introduce as many people to indoor rowing as possible and help them with the first steps of their journey,” explains Eric Murray. “There are plenty of free and paid workouts online, but what really impressed me about asensei was the vision the team has for solving a ‘hands-on coaching’ and ‘personal training’ experience. With asensei, I’m able to design training programs that build towards goals and I can calculate targets and adjust the difficulty as if I’m watching the athlete practice. And the team at asensei are just getting started. I’ve seen what’s coming next, and soon you’ll hear my voice in your ear telling you, in real-time, to sit up taller, not over-compress at the catch, or open your back a little. asensei will help me ‘see’ your posture and form while you’re rowing, and provide you real-time correction. Nothing else comes close to letting me provide that detail of coaching, to athletes of all levels.”

Although asensei can help bring top-level athletes to their next level of performance, it’s also for those just looking to further their fitness and improve their scores. “Part of my consideration for purchasing a Concept2 was the availability of apps,” says Ian Humphreys of Wiltshire, England. “Having tried rowing many years ago, I knew that without coaching and purpose I would get nowhere. asensei has taken me from beginner to a regular rower in six months—I'll have rowed 200k kilometres with asensei this month!”

asensei is giving newcomers to the sport a first-class introduction while motivating masters with programs that remind them why they love rowing and inspiring their practice. So, the next time you go to hop on the erg and want to have a new experience, try the free version of the asensei app and give one of their free workouts, or programs, a try. It’s a good way to improve your rowing technique and have fun doing it.


  • Provides coaching instructions for workouts on the Concept2 RowErg.
  • Connects via Bluetooth with the PM5 monitor. No additional hardware required.
  • Costs nothing to get started! Free trial includes a library of workouts and the chance to trial programs from coaches including Eric Murray.
  • Analyzes your performance data from the PM5 to give personal coaching feedback and tailor workout difficulty to push you to your potential.
  • Pushes workout results to the Concept2 Online Logbook.
  • Includes artist-licensed music powered by; or, you can choose to listen to your own music.

There are many great app and software options to choose from, so find what motivates you best!

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